Relationship Therapy

Feeling …

Alone and distanced from your partner?
Frustrated with your child?
Inadequate with caring for a parent?

Relationships do not come easy; but they are what make up the human experience. Why not put effort into making them better?

Learn to focus on the goals of relationship instead of the problem.

Learn to focus on what is working while encouraging your partner to do more of that instead of what is not working.

This approach is good for improving communication in all relationships.

You can go from feeling inadequate, distanced and frustrated, to feeling positive, loved and in control, whether as a parent, spouse, partner or adult child.

I work with adults, children and families.

We will identify communication lapses, discover understanding of what each person is experiencing so we can get passed inadequacy and move to positive and meaningful relationships.

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I began working with Amy at the beginning of my divorce. I felt like I was in a total free fall.
Her guidance and perspective allowed me to land with understanding, acceptance and peace.

-Reane Dawson Roseville, CA

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