My Approach

What I want you to know about therapy and therapists…

Therapy is the most accepting and non-judgmental interaction you will ever experience. Therapists are trained and required to have 3,000 hours experience practicing this skill. It is the most refreshing experience!

Being accepting and non-judgmental is not often found outside of therapy, because we are judgmental even when we diligently try not to be.

A common trait of therapists…

Therapists choose this career because we have great compassion for others. We have studied human behavior and have gained understanding on how humans work. We want to help; not judge.

Also, therapists do not think they have perfected being human; we are all in this together, trying to be the best we can.

It’s okay to be yourself and say what you are thinking…

Therapists will not think, ‘This person is bad,’ if you criticize a partner or parent. Just because we hear about unhealthy behavior, it does not mean we make a generalization about a person. Remember, we are all working on being better people together. We believe people do the best they can with what they know and have at the time.

My message to you is…

Therapy is a place to find unconditional acceptance and support, moving you forward to your optimum self to experience peace and happiness.

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