Grief & Loss Therapy

This is the right time to come to therapy.

Find steady ground when life feels unknown.

In a gentle and comfortable space, we will honor your loss by addressing the many aspects that others cannot understand. The more you learn about the grieving process, the more sense your experience will make to you.

Loss and grief entail strong emotions that can change rapidly. These emotions can make life seem unpredictable and confusing.

Loss and Grief therapy can support you in knowing that you are not going crazy – having roller coaster emotions is normal.

There are no time limits or norms where you are supposed to be at certain stages. Grief is a journey in which there will be a time for loss and sadness–and at some point, a time to get back to living.

Grieving takes patience, awareness, and re-establishing how you get your needs met.

Loss and Grief therapy can help in redefining who you are now and who you want to be, moving forward without your loved one. Grief therapy helps in understanding and identifying areas that inhibit your life that you might not know how to fix without professional help.

I am a Loss and Grief therapist, because I find it an honor to be with someone during this very significant journey of honoring a loved one’s life.

Allow me to walk with you on this path of loss and grief (916) 759 1133.

After my husband passed away suddenly, I was left with a 14-month-old son and a deep void in my life. I was robotic, moved from our home in Lodi to Lincoln, and was not allowing tears to flow. I went to Amy for grief counseling. She helped me cry, let go of control, and started me on a path of healthy grieving. I’m feeling better, and I’m headed in a right and positive direction.

– Emily Clark, Lincoln, CA

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