Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

Suffering from intrusive memories or disturbing thoughts? Avoiding places, activities, or people that remind you of a traumatic event? Struggling to concentrate or sleep?

If any of these questions describe you, there is a high chance that you have PTSD.

Trauma Reduction

Let me help you by using EMDR, a trauma-reduction technique that is highly successful. It is one of the most researched therapy techniques with positive outcomes. The success rate is high, very quick and experienced by many.

When traumatized, parts of our body lock up in paralysis from mixed messages. Two messages are coming in at one time confusing our brain. One brain message is instinctual, and the other may be a verbal command. When your body tries to respond to the opposing commands at the same time, it locks up.

How EMDR works

With EMDR, we will use an 8-step protocol to get back to that place where paralysis occurred, which allows the body to move through the sensations that were locked at the time of distress to unravel and release any reoccurring symptoms.

It is often the one therapy that works when clients have tried everything else with no results.

With EMDR, I can help you with any disturbing life events. You do not need to have PTSD to be a client for EMDR. The founder of EMDR, Francine Shapiro, writes about this in her book, “Getting Past your Past.” EMDR can be used with anxiety; panic attacks, self worth, reacting differently to old patterns and behaviors and many other things.

I provide EMDR. My training was conducted by the EMDR Institute, which was founded by Francine Shapiro.

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