Depression & Anxiety Therapy

Overwhelmed? Fatigued? Unmotivated? Irrational?

Feel like you have a weight on your shoulders? Or like you are walking through a black cloud?

Tools to Help Get Past Depression/Anxiety

There are tools to learn to decrease these negative symptoms. Focusing your thoughts on external facts rather than internal feelings changes our awareness and depression/anxiety will decrease.

Changing our thought patterns is completely possible, yet not simple. It takes effort on your part to practice these skills diligently. People do it all the time when they put in the effort. You must commit to make it happen.

Decreasing the Symptoms of Depression/Anxiety

Depression/Anxiety can be spurred by life circumstances or, for some of us, it is a predisposition with which we are born. There are many tools and techniques to learn to decrease the symptoms in a short amount of time. The success of decreasing the symptoms depends on the time and effort you put forth.

Depression/Anxiety is just a response to how our body reacts to our environment. We can teach our bodies to react differently. Isn’t it nice to know that we can control it? Once we understand the concepts, we can decrease the symptoms.

Our emotions are triggered by our thoughts. We are often not aware of our own internal chatter. Often, we increase our symptoms just by the thoughts we circulate in our head. Who said those thoughts are true?

If we allow our thoughts to go unmonitored, then we give anxiety or depression the power to control us. Therapy facilitates awareness to our thoughts and beliefs and teaches us to be in control of what we believe.

Change Your Thoughts – Feel Better

I can teach you to become more aware of your thoughts and then change them to more positive thoughts. In your awareness, you begin to feel better because feelings are connected to thoughts.

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