It is not ‘weak’ to go to therapy; it’s courageous!

Find the strength to move yourself to peace.

Therapy – The Way to Solid Ground

Initiating therapy can be one of the most difficult decisions you will make. It also may be the very best. There are so many reasons therapy might be helpful.

It could be there doesn’t seem to be any happiness in your life; each day is a struggle to get out of bed and perform daily activities of living. Or when something unexpected happens instead of working through the feelings that resulted, more time is spent wishing things could be back to the way they were.

Don’t be scared to get help! It will only shorten the time before you are once again standing on solid ground.

Therapy is a relationship without judgement.

It is my deepest hope that I can lead you to find your strength, the power to heal, and process your confusion with warmth and gentleness. I will try to make it as safe and comfortable as I can as we journey to the best YOU.

“Things do not change. We change.”


Therapy has helped me.

It is reassuring to note that therapists get their own therapy as one of the steps for licensure. While investing in my own growth, I discovered these benefits:

  • An improved marriage
  • Knowledge of specific parenting skills
  • How thoughts and feelings affect behaviours
  • Enriched family relationships
  • A place to grieve my losses
  • A steady path to peace

Therapy is a relationship honoring healing and self-growth. I can help you find your path to peace.

I have enjoyed and known my purpose of helping others since I was a child.

Any time a friend needed to talk to someone who wasn’t a parent, it seemed I had those listening ears. I value prioritizing human healing and growth instead of ignoring it.

I love to play as much as I work. I hike, ski, bake, read, drink coffee, create puzzles, and enjoy my dog and family every day.

California Marriage and Family Therapist
License #43835
CAMFT certified supervisor

Master of Arts Counseling University of San Francisco
Bachelor of Arts University of Santa Clara

Professional Associations
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
Sacramento Valley CAMFT

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