Trauma therapist in Roseville


Trauma Therapist in Roseville

Amy Collins, trauma therapist in Roseville is educated and experienced in treating clients inflicted by all types of trauma. It might be PTSD, an accident, a loss, abuse or any other experience that you have found distressing.  Trauma is an experience of feeling helpless, and out of control but that experience does not have to plague you forever. Learn to liberate yourself from trauma and learn to experience your life as a survivor now.

Trauma therapist in Roseville, Amy can teach you to follow be aware of your own body’s wisdom to healing without reliving the symptoms anxiety, panic, fear, dissociation, nightmares, depression, shame, self blame, and all debilitating symptom we know as trauma. You will heal by engaging in your innate capacity to self-regulate high states of arousal and intense emotions, guided by your therapist.

If you are looking for a trauma therapist, Amy can help you. She will guide you in listening to your body and guiding yourself to healing.  When we find ourselves in a traumatizing experience, parts of our body get locked in paralysis from mixed message. What happens in trauma is our bodies receive two opposing messages at the same time, paralyzing us. One bodily message may be instinctual and another message maybe a verbal command and the body locks up by following both messages at the same time. The instinctual message may be to move your head to see who is talking to you, and the verbal message might be “don’t move, you may have a spinal injury”. This mixed message causes paralysis, which we experience as trauma. If we can sensationally get back to that moment and allow our body to move through the sensation, we unravel the trauma.

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