Therapy for cancer patient Roseville CA


Therapy for cancer patient Roseville CA

Are you wondering where to turn or go to next? Let me help you through your distress. Counseling can help educate and guide you through the many aspects of grief. Unless we educate ourselves, we really do not know how to go through this painful experience. You can find grief support groups as well as individual counseling and I would like to guide you in your process and help make your path as peaceful as it can be.

There is no time limit to grief. Grief is a journey and it is not something you can set aside or bury. You have to move through it and make a decision to live your life with this challenge.  I will help you learn to live life differently.When you do not know where to go, what to do, or how to be; call Amy. I am willing to be with you now and throughout your journey.

 Therapy for cancer patient Roseville CA

Sometimes we have relied on those that don’t want to hear about our grieving anymore. They have moved on but we have not. A grief counselor does not get tired of hearing your story; a grief counselor moves with you through the grief and guides you to the next step only when you are ready.  There are different styles of grieving. Some need to continue talking about their experience; others need to physically do something to grieve. Every way is acceptable and it is helpful for the griever to find out what style is most helpful for them.  I would be honored to be a part of your support team. Therapy for cancer patient in Roseville CA; Amy Collins 916- 759- 1133.


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