Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go from a place of feeling stuck and confused to achieving your own definition of success?

Using techniques to focus and guide you to your power, energy and light, I help you overcome life’s challenges and find your true self, the unique person you really are.

Together, our therapy is deep, emotional and relational. When we pay attention to our feelings, we can manage them and move past them and grow. When we resist our feelings, we become stuck or in conflict. It is similar to a construction stop on the road. When we get stopped, we get irritated and tense. We want to move ahead. However, if we can pause and understand the situation, we move much faster than when we created tension. When we experience conflict we get irritated and want to move past, but it is the actual stopping and noticing what our feelings are telling us that moves us past the problem more quickly. The process can be uncomfortable at times, but so worth the effort in getting to understand yourself better and moving on with life.

I specialize in:

Loss and Grief

Are you feeling lost and depressed without your loved one? Are you wondering if you will ever feel normal again?

Losing a loved one puts us on a bumpy road where we experience a variety of emotions from extreme loss to final acceptance. It is important to travel this road called the grief process so we can continue with our own lives while honoring the memory of our loved one. I can guide you through the process, smoothing out the bumps as we travel on the road.

Family Relationships And Parenting (Couples, Adult Children, Parents, Etc.)

Are you feeling alone and distanced from your spouse or partner, frustrated and angry with your child or inadequate in caring for a parent?

You can go from feeling inadequate, distanced and frustrated to feeling positive, loved and in control, whether as a parent, spouse, partner or adult child. I work with children and parents or couples, together and/or separate to identify communication lapses, open understanding of what each person is experiencing so we can get passed inadequacy and move to positive and meaningful relationships.

Depression and Anxiety

Would you rather stay in bed or home many days, thinking things could never get better? Have you lost your passion?

Imagine taking a bad day and having it reoccur for days or months at a time. That’s chronic depression and anxiety. Symptoms may include:

  • Finding no pleasure in activities that normally would be pleasurable.
  • Losing interest in normal activities, hobbies and everyday life.
  • Feeling tired all of the time and having no energy.
  • Difficulty sleeping or waking early in the morning.
  • Losing weight or gaining weight in excess.
  • Losing interest in sex.
  • Finding it difficult to concentrate and think straight.
  • Feeling restless, irritable, tense and anxious.

Together, we can work to identify the underlying cause, overcome the triggers and help you to live life to the fullest once again.

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Client Testimonials

After my husband passed away suddenly, I was left with a 14-month old son and a deep void in my life. I was robotic, moved from our home in Lodi to Lincoln and was not allowing tears to flow. I went to Amy for grief counseling. She helped me cry, let go of control and started me on a path of healthy grieving. I’m feeling better, and I’m headed in a right and positive direction.

I began working with Amy at the beginning of my divorce. I felt like I was in a total freefall. Her guidance and perspective allowed me to land with understanding, acceptance and peace.

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