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Many therapists work only with certain groups such as couples or children. I work with children, adults and enjoy work with individuals and families. Make a connection with your therapist. If it doesn’t feel right, then the therapist isn’t right.  A good connection to the therapist is what is pertinent to success, so make sure that you find a therapist that you can relate with.

Sometimes, clients do not know why they are seeking the help of a therapist, other than they are unhappy. If I am your therapist, I will help you to clarify why you area unhappy; and what life looks like when you are happy. Other times, clients know what brings them to therapy which assists in choosing the therapist. If it is depression, choose a therapist who specializes in depression.

 Therapist in Roseville

I am a therapist in Roseville, who works to build trust in the therapy relationship, while offering empathy and positive regard. I am a Roseville therapist  who works collaboratively, believing that the client has their own answers within them. My goal as your Roseville Therapist is to empower you to discover your answers within your self.

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