Roseville Therapist for victims of sexual abuse


Roseville Therapist for victims of sexual abuse

Amy Collins, Roseville therapist for victims of sexual abuse is here to help you. You can learn to be a victor and survivor. You do not need to remain a victim of sexual abuse; get therapy support from Amy Collins. There is survivor in all of us; are you ready to discover it? Sexual abuse is an experience of feeling helpless, and out of control but that experience does not have to plague you forever. You can free yourself from that trauma and learn to experience your life as a victor.

Roseville Therapist treats sexual abuse

Amy can teach you to follow our own body’s wisdom to healing without reliving the symptoms of trauma which include: anxiety, panic, fear, dissociation, nightmares, depression, shame, self blame, and many more debilitating symptoms.

Healing can come from engaging in your innate capacity to self-regulate high states of arousal and intense emotions. Your body knows how to do it, you just need a little guidance in how its done.

I can help move from feelings of shame, guilt, and devalued to feelings of confidence, comfort and worthiness.  You no longer have to feel like you don’t exist: alone and isolated. Learn to feel supported and cared for. No one deserves to experience sexual abuse and for those that have, you do not have to survive it alone. Get help and call Amy Collins, a trauma therapist for sexual abuse victims in Roseville CA.

Come begin your journey of healing today.

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