Roseville psychotherapist


Roseville Psychotherapist

As a Roseville psychotherapist, I specialize in depression and anxiety; grief and loss, and trauma work. I like to use EMDR in my therapy because it has such a high success rate. I also have experience with ADHD and social cognition disorders. Often when we seek a psychotherapist we do not know what area of interest we are looking for, we just know that we want to feel better.  If you choose me as your Roseville psychotherapist, I will help you in seeking clarification and identifying your therapy goals.  I am a psychotherapist who would like to help you find your path to peace.

Psychotherapist Roseville

I am a  Roseville psychotherapist who works to build trust in the therapy relationship, while at the same time offering empathy and positive regard. I am a psychotherapist who works collaboratively, knowing that you have your own answers within you. Call me for your Roseville psychotherapist. 916-759-1133.


Everyone should visit a Roseville Psychotherapist at some point. We are trained to believe we can take care of things by our selves, but getting professional help guides us through dark or difficult times with more ease. Improving ourselves and our relationships is what a psychotherapist is trained to helps us with. Are you living in Roseville and wanting to try a psychotherapist? Give yourself the gift of therapy and call Amy, the Roseville psychotherapist. Amy has experience to connect with you and highlight the answers reflected within you.


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