Roseville EMDR Therapist


Roseville EMDR Therapist

Do you need a Roseville EMDR therapist? Inquire that your EMDR therapist has legitimate credentials. Your EMDR therapist should be trained by the standards and guidelines of the EMDR International Association. or EMDR-Europe This certification signifies that the EMDR therapist has gone through 20 hours of in class training as well as 20 hours of supervised practicum. My EMDR experience includes treating clients for 6 years. I prefer to use  EMDR because my success rate is high, 98% of my clients experience improvement. I am an EMDR therapist that has treated trauma, abuse, anxiety and panic.

 EMDR Therapist Roseville

Being an EMDR therapist, my first responsibility is to help you feel comfortable enough to trust me with your experience. When a client can still feel emotions that trigger unhealthy symptoms in their body, this is when EMDR can be most successful. EMDR therapists are trained to follow an 8 step protocol which keeps the therapy work on target. Clients’ history and ability to stabilize emotions will determine the length of sessions.

Roseville EMDR Therapist

Being an EMDR therapist is rewarding because of the progress that I see with my clients. EMDR is compatible with my style of therapy, which is a collaborative process, guiding the client to their own individual healing. If you would like more information about EMDR, Please email Amy Collins, EMDR therapist at

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