Rocklin Therapists


Rocklin Therapists

Rocklin therapists are abundant so how do you find one? How do you know what questions to ask?  I recommend that you ask the therapist how they would approach your issue and if they have experience in that area. Determine whether the therapist works with the population you are for example: adults, elderly, children, families etc.  Many therapists work only with  adults or only with children or couples.  I work with children, adults and enjoy working with individuals and families.

In choosing therapists, choose one with whom you have a good connection with. This is what is pertinent to therapy success, so be sure that you find a therapist that you can relate with. Clients may feel confused or unhappy and not be able to clarify exactly why they want to come in. This is OK! Therapists will help you to clarify why you are unhappy; and what life looks like when you are happy. Other times, clients know what brings them to therapy which assists in choosing a specialized therapist. Many therapists have specialties.

There are many Rocklin therapists, Roseville therapists, GraniteBay therapists and therapists all over so make sure you do your homework before choosing one. I would like to work with you to build trust in the therapy relationship, while offering empathy and positive regard. My goal as your therapist is to empower you and work collaboratively with you.

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