Rocklin Psychotherapist


Rocklin Psychotherapist

Looking for a Rocklin psychotherapist? Be sure to interview 2-3 therapists and find one that you feel comfortable with and that specializes in the area of concern. I am a psychotherapist whom specializes in depression and anxiety; grief and loss, and trauma work.  I am a certified EMDR therapist which is a successful trauma reduction technique. I like to use EMDR in my therapy because it has such a high success rate. I also have experience with ADHD and social cognition disorders.

Often we do not know what area of interest we are looking for, we just know that we want to feel better and your psychotherapist will help you in clarifying your goals.  In choosing me as your psychotherapist, I will help you quickly define what it is you are looking for.  I am a psychotherapist who would like to help you find your path to peace.

If you are choosing a Rocklin psychotherapist, choose one who works to build trust in your relationship. I am a psychotherapist who offers empathy and positive regard.  Lets work collaboratively and discover your answers within you. Call me for an interview, Amy Collins, psychotherapist. 916-759-1133.

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