Granite Bay Grief Counselor

Granite Bay Grief Counselor

Are you grieving and don’t know where to go? I am a grief counselor in Granite Bay and am willing to walk through your grieving journey with you. I have experience working with grief in the Granite Bay community; there are support groups as well as individual counseling. Grieving is a process and there is not an appropriate amount of time that one is suppose to grieve; it is different for everyone. There is much to learn about grieving that many of us do not know and educating ourselves can help with healing.

 Grief counselor in Granite Bay

Grieving can bring out different emotions that show up out of nowhere. This is troubling for many grievers because emotions may be triggered at in opportune times. We must learn to accept that this is part of the grieving process and it is to be expected. As a grieving counselor, I will help you learn to accept the process and many other aspects of grieving. Grief counseling is helpful in that the grief counselor is completely present to you and your pain whereas your support group may be uncomfortable with the process or feel like it is time to move on. Having a grief counselor in Granite Bay can be just what you needed to get through the

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