counselor in Roseville

Counselor in Roseville

Are you looking for a good counselor in Roseville?  The first criteria in choosing a counselor is finding someone that you have a connection with. Be sure to interview the counselors in Roseville to find your match. It is the strength of the client-counselor relationship that determines the rate of success in therapy. How well do you relate to your counselor?

A counselor in Roseville can help you clarify your thoughts and identify what it is you need to help you on your path to peace. If you already know what your therapy goal is, your counselor will guide you on your way.


I am a counselor in Roseville who will work to build trust in your relationship, while offering empathy and positive regard. I am a counselor who will work collaboratively with you, believing that you have your own answers within you. Call me, to see if I can be your counselor in Roseville: 916-759-1133.

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